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Dual Head Thermal/Visible 360º Endless P/T Camera


Designed for situations where both a thermal and an analog camera are required, this extreme performance unit is ideal for mission critical situations including perimeter surveillance, search & rescue, port and marine security, border patrol, electrical inspection and energy conservation.


  • High performance Dual Cameras - Thermal and Visible
  • Certified for 1,000 Hours of Salt Water Spray Testing
  • 3G Vibration Performance
  • Pan / Tilt Endless Rotation
  • 165 Preset Positions
  • IP68 rated
  • Optional Ceiling, Wall and Pole Mounting options

Thermal Module :

  • 8 ∼ 14µm Resolution
  • Extended Microbolometer Thermal Imaging Technology
  • High Resolution, High Sensitivity - 40mK NETD
  • Built-in TEC?-Thermo Electric Cooler

Analog Module :

  • 36x D1 Analog Camera